Family Mediation

Family mediation is not any sort of therapy or marriage counselling, but a proper mediation by a neutral and trained professional in family matters. This could be anything ranging from conflicts, extended family issues, elderly parent concerns, bad family communication, marriage problems, and pre-separation arrangements, to finding solutions for the children, adoption woes, teen pregnancy, new parent problems, school dropouts, and disciplinary issues. The mediator does not intervene or try to counsel the clients, but rather stands as a listener who promotes discussions among the clients so that they can arrive at a healthy and acceptable solution themselves. The clients engage in debates and discussions facilitated and overlooked by the mediator so that a realistic solution can be found. The mediator helps promote communication between the clients and listens attentively to open up a possible way of solving the issue at hand and arriving at the best solution, one that is mutually acceptable to all parties. This can help lessen the pain of these conflicts.

Benefits of Family Mediation

Family mediation has many advantages as it helps two or more parties understand the other’s point of view and try to engage in a healthy discussion. Instead of wasting money and time on the litigation process and going to court, they arrive at an acceptable solution to their problems with the help of a mediator. The mediator will never take sides or interfere unnecessarily, nor will he or she offer solutions on his or her own, but would rather encourage the clients to arrive at the solution on their own through brainstorming sessions.

  • Find solutions to any kind of conflict

Family mediation helps solve any kind of conflict amongst family members and can generally help cool tensions before they escalate into something else. If you feel like there is a conflict that can be resolved through discussion and that will be easy to solve right now, you can consult a neutral mediator who will help you find the solution. Generally, the trained mediator encourages a discussion with the people involved in the conflict, but they can also meet other family members or let other members be present during the discussion to help resolve the issue in the best way possible.

  • Promotes healthy functioning

Generally, the trained mediator will try to promote the well-being of the family and ensure that no such conflict arises in the future. They help the client find long-term solutions in a short period of time, and help them understand themselves and each other better. These professionals will help assist the family members even if they are getting help from other trained people in matters like depression and anxiety. They are out to help you navigate your problems towards an effective solution and help people communicate in a better manner. There is complete confidentiality and all conversations and discussions are voluntary. Solutions are never forced upon any client but are mutually decided by the clients themselves.